Honey Maid Creativity as a response

In this case, Honey Maid released a set of controversial ads which are not the topic of this post. They are not particularly remarkable, except the fact that they feature gay parents with their children as part of a montage depicting the new ‘normal’. Nicely done, but nothing to write about.


A group of people opposed to the idea of gay marriage, or at least of gay parenthood, began responding with negative comments and a letter-writing campaign.

Honey Maid could have released the expected apology press release accompanied by pandering tweets and facebook updates. Instead, they created this lovely video. They’ve printed the angry responses, and used them to construct a much more positive response, furthering the real point of their initial message. And highlighted the positive messages they received that vastly outnumbered the negative. Kudos.

Honey Maid Tells Homophobes to Take a Hike in Best Response Ad Ever.


If you’re not musical but ever discovered a tune in your mind, Imitone is your way to translate. This fun to use software lets you whistle the tune, and it translates it to musical notes that can be edited and saved from there.

Love finding new tools for creativity.


Found via: http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2014/03/hands-on-with-imitone-if-you-can-hum-you-can-make-music-with-it/

Texting While In Traffic

This is a fantastic idea based on addressing a public issue and forcing a conversation about it. The docu style and diy feel of it are limiting, but the core idea is incredible.

Texting While In Traffic.

One challenge to the idea – context. How many of these are at stop lights, or maybe parked? Does that make the use of a device more or less permissable? It will be interesting to see what kind of conversation actually develops.